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Mike and Amy Aiken have got their masks and they will be our guests on Hunter at Sunrise this Sunday

Mike and Amy AikenFresh off the release of their video for the song, Got Me A Mask, Mike and Amy Aiken return to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  Screen Shot 2020 09 16 at 8.13.21 AM 1The video has gone viral, garnering over 100,000 views on YouTube. They've become quite the veterans of the music scene too with seven full length records to their credit.  It's been awhile since they've been on the show and it will be good to catch up. For more about Mike and Amy Aiken, click HERE.  To view the video Got Me A Mask, click HERE.  

Hunter at Sunrise: Our Music is a Voyage

spray top open blue speed 1253 763We here at Hunter At Sunrise believe that there is still great new music out there...that the spirit of discovery still exists especially on Sunday mornings. We believe that the majority of music these days is mired in the sounds of the past or caught in the repetition of new pop music that is performer and personality driven. Hunter At Sunrise is about the flow of morning music and not the angst of every day current events. It is a haven from the humdrum of the work-a-day week, a soundtrack for relaxing on a Sunday morning.  We draw our playlist from the obscure past and the futuristic artists trying to stretch the boundaries of modern songwriting.  We believe in Hampton Roads and the local music scene.  We want to present live fresh music and have it last. Thanks so much for listening.

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