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WHRO AltRadio 150x53AltRadio broadcasts and streams using the latest in technology from Apple, Dell, Cisco, MegaSeg, BE, Axia, Omnia and Nautel. Please support our partners in technology and our partner in Media,

AltRadio was created by John Heimerl in 2005 and is supported by this proud team of people who believe in Music as Art: John Heimerl, Heather Mazzoni, Paul Shugrue, Jae Sinnett, James Duvall, Al Sykes, Dina Richards, John Lund and our ever dedicated Jason Sneed, the tech guru who will help fix your Internet player if it just won't play! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

AltRadio is also a member of the WHRO family of products, including:
  • WHRO-TV15, HDTV15.1-3,WHROWorld, WHROKids,WHROCreate
  • WHRV-FM 89.5-HD1 NPR
  • WHRV-HD2 AltRadio
  • WHRO-FM 90.3-HD1 Classical
  • WHRO-HD2 ConnoisseurClassics
  • WHRO-HD3 The 1920's Radio Network
  • The WHRO Voice