Sunday's show flowed

On some Sundays, it just seems I'm in some kinda zone.  I did not move from my chair for 3 1/2 hours on Sunday...just complete concentraton on the content. 
Last Sunday's show was, for the most part, a continuation of the previous Sunday....mainly because I did not have enough time to listen to a lot of new music last week. On Saturday I was on Out of the Box in the afternoon to help raise money for local public radio (thanks to all who called and contributed. I'll be back on the show this coming Saturday.)

I was able to sample some new albums on I-Tunes and that resulted in the playing of  Greg Holden- "I Don't Believe You", Kate McGarry- "Girl Talk" and M. Ward- "A Wasteland Companion". 

Greg Holden is a Scottish singer (I mistakenly said he was Irish, sorry Greg) who we have played before on the show. We played a song of his that he released to help raise funds for Sudanese children called "Lost Boy" that was getting a lot of notoriety in Europe. His new album is very well produced and the lyrics are very sharp. These songs are not like romantic Scottish ballads...they are very taught and deep...very cool disc. 

We've also played Kate McGarry on the show before.  She did a smoldering cover of the Cars' "Just What I needed" on what was a very cool cover album "If Less is more...Nothing is Everything". Up to now, she's been known for her pop covers, but this disc finds her exploring more mainstream jazz. "We Kiss in a Shadow" is only the beginning of my sampling of this album. 

And I got to play a track from the new M. Ward disc this past Sunday.  Though what I played was acoustic, the album is more far reaching than that.  There are a couple of other acoustic tracks I will probably play, but his disc is much more diverse with rock and blues. M.Ward has been 1/2 of the duo She and Him (the other half being Zooey Deschanel) Zooey does appear on a couple of tracks on this album. 

My thanks again to Kim Richey for coming on the show this past Sunday...she and her trio provided such a special moment to the proceedings.  I was a little surprised that she remembered being on the show about 5 years ago...I mean a lot can happen in 5 years :).  It was sure great to have her back. 

All for now...