It's Time to take a Short Break

I must say it has been an extremely busy 4 weeks.  

First the Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival kept me running all over the place... emceeing shows, doing interviews and judging contests.  Then the spring pledge drive kicked in at WHRV and I did a couple of Saturday fundraising shows with Paul Shugrue's Out of the Box.

Been running and running and now it feels like it's time to take a weekend off.  So this Sunday we will have an encore presentation of our April 1st show featuring Seth Stainback, who released his new disc, Earth and Worm, this past Sunday in Va. Beach.  We will return May 6th and welcome Nate Sacks to the program. He won the Sea Level Emerging Artist Contest in early April.  

As for last Sunday's seemed like a very personal one for me.  First of all, my birthday was Friday and I just had to thank everyone who sent birthday greetings on that day.  Some people I hadn't heard from in quite a while got in touch.   I played Paul Simon's "Have a Good Time" because I usually identify with it on my birthday.  Then, I had to play the new song from Loudon Wainwight III, "Older than My Old Man Now" because it just fits so well and because a friend of mine posted it on my Facebook page.  My father died at 51 and I am well past that now.  It is a very weird feeling and Loudon expresses that so well in the song.

Some other hightlights were in the form of two songs from the new George Harrison, "Early Takes, Vol 1".  What an incredible album.  Here are a series of demos and first takes on many songs that were later produced and released to the public.  But they reveal the raw power of Harrison's song writing.  I am so glad this is a "Vol. 1"...that means there is still more to come.

We also had a new song from Melody Gardot...her new album "The Abscence" will be out in May and the song "Amalia" is the harbinger of a great disc about to be released.

And then there is the new disc from Butterfly Boucher....I played her many years ago when the show was Sunrise on Sunday on another station.  Her long awaited new album is well worth waiting for.  I have posted a video of the song I played on Sunday, "Warning Bell", on the Hunter At Sunrise Facebook is so mesmerizing.  

Finally, we said goodbye to a legend last Sunday...playing a tribute to Levon Helm.  He was such a unique force in music...he will be sorely missed. 

Well, all for now...between now and the next time I'm on the air, I will try to keep up this stay tuned.