The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: How You Know It's not Your Week

You know that your week is not going well...when in the middle of it, you have a flat a 7-11..near midnight...2 miles from the rain...and you have to go gallumphing home on a bad wheel because you don't want to change it anyplace other than your driveway. It's at these times you realize that the universe is not necessarily on your side 24/7.  Sometimes you have to take your lumps to make up for all the good days...the important thing is just to keep going forward...forward...forward...



till finally you get to the weekend and you get to once again sit in a studio and lose yourself in the musical mix that calms your soul.

I am really looking forward to going back to live shows this Sunday.  I feel like I have re-charged my batteries and it's time to get back on the horse and ride.  I will celebrate the return with an acoustic session with Julie Clark, Jimmy Masters, Tray Eppes and Larry Berwald.  I feel good vibes ahead.... must just keep going forward...forward...forward... 

Hope you'll be there with me this weekend.

Take care,