The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Long Hot Summer is Almost Over, The Cool People are Here

Ya know....I was just thinking just now what a great year it has been so far. True, so much of our world is in could change at a moments notice. It has been abnomally hot just about everywhere.  Nationally, we have big choices to make that are not easy and could affect us way down the road.  I guess there is a lot to be nervous about.  But for me, amid all the turmoil, things have actually been quite good....



I bought a new house.  My son is still in college and getting close to graduation (he wants to teach). I still work (and play) using the skills I went to college to learn. Things could be far worse, but they aren't.  I am so happy to have a show that exercises my quieter side.  And I am so happy to have such great the artists who were on our show last Sunday.  Julie Clark, Jimmy Masters, Tray Eppes, Larry Berwald. They are the coolest of the cool and they have such big hearts.  They have a great show coming up with Randall Bramblett on Sept. 22nd and Suffolk Ctr. for the Cultural Arts. It's all to help raise funds for Tidewater Arts Outreach...a charity we all should support bringing music and arts to people who can't normally enjoy them.

It was truly fine to have them on the show.

I hope you will tune in this Sunday for Jesse Terry who has a fine new album out, Empty Seat on a Plane. 

See...I told you things are actually quite good. 

Peace out...