The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Switchboard is Now Wide Open

Last Sunday, I must say, I got very excited. The phone banks lit up as we gave away Tedeschi-Trucks Band tickets (The band will be at Chrysler Hall on Oct. 18th).  Calling was so brisk that I had to promise our team of operators a raise.  Right now I am paying them I had to promise them a raise of nothing and possibly a ton of money somewhere in their distant future. Their devotion is hanging by a thread, but they will be back on the job this Sunday as we give away more pairs of tickets



to the show.  I love giving away tickets. Almost as much as I love playing new music.  

And the faucet of new music still seems to be open but will soon close as we approach Christmas.  But just in time for Yuletide, we have the new Kasey Chambers/Shane Nicholson disc, Wreck & Ruin.  I've been following both of these artists since way before they got married and were solo singer/songwriters.  This is the second album they have put out together and it is once again, as pure Americana as Australians can muster. I hope their collaboration continues...this is a great disc. 

The Sea Wolf album, Old World Romance, is growing on me.  Played "Priscilla" last Sunday and "St. Catherine's St." and "Old Friend" are also good cuts. Pure acoustic Pop. 

Haven't had a chance to really explore the new disc from Aimee Mann, Charmer.  Liked that cut we did play, "Livin' A Lie".  Hope I'll have something more this Sunday. 

So looking forward to having Nicole Belanus back on the show this Sunday for an acoustic session. 

Hope you'll somehow tune us in.