The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: How can We thank thee, Let Us Count the Ways

No really...thanks to everyone who has called into WHRV with your pledges of support for local public radio during this express pledge drive (it's called express because they've cut it down to just a little over one week.)  I was on the air with Paul Shugrue on Out of the Box last Saturday and thanks to you, we finished early!  We made $13,000 last Saturday. Simply awesome. And now we have one less Saturday that WHRV listeners have to listen to me obliterate their names on the air when I announce the pledges. That was certainly a highlight.  But thank you, thank you... it's important to keep this kind of radio flowing in Hampton Roads where more and more, you're getting pre-programmed muzak from other stations (did I really say that? I guess I did.) All this said, I'll see you on the radio this Sunday morning. 

Take care,