There's No Telephone Where I Am

9/25/2011--I've worked at a lot of radio stations over the years, and every one has had some way of reaching the announcer, every one except this one. It is sort of strange to not have some "hot, hot" line for people to call in.  Instead I have developed Facebook as an interface between myself and you, the listener.  In a seems to work better.   We can exchange thoughts at our own pace.  Many times when people used to call me on the air, I was too busy to talk to them.  Unfortunately, in a lot of instances, I coudn't answer the phone at all.  

With Facebook,  I can talk with people when I have a stretch where I can pause.  I like also the ability to let everyone know what's going on with the show while I'm on the air. Just recently, for instance,  I have found it helpful in letting listeners know that I have tickets to give away. 

So when I am on the air on Sunday, it might be a good thing for you to monitor my postings.  You never know what I might be offering up. And don't be afraid to send me requests...if I can't get to them right away, I will eventually (if they fit the mix, of course).

Cyberly yours,