The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Let's try this Again (OR, the question is, Is the 2nd time the charm?)

Regina Spektor devoted her last album to a great premise, it was called "What I Saw from the Cheap Seats".  I can relate to that...because what I saw last Sunday from the cheap seats,  (as we were trying to re-air a special show featuring local acoustic artist and sensitive songwriter, Lawrence Lambert), was WHRV technical people manhandling with all thumbs my archived show to the point to where it aired 1 hour late and (when it finally did hit the airwaves), it wasn't the right show! I don't think they really cared.  Now many of you wrote me saying....

The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Every Now and Then, A Breather

August always seems to be a down time for me.  Everyone is enjoying the last throes of summer before school starts again.  People are out of town or at the beach or otherwise abscent...and so this is the time I chose to take a couple of weekends off from the show.   This weekend, I am taking three straight days off...this is vacation for me.  But Wow what a great show we have planned


The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Dog Days Are Barking but As Long as I have my Chill Out Mug, It Will Be Alright

Yes, it arrived in the mail brand new Hunter At Sunrise Chill Out Mug and frankly I was a little surprised at how cool it looks.  On Wednesday, I am going to give it a test run to see if my morning coffee tastes any better in the new cup. It was well worth the price...well made...and the money goes towards supporting the show and this website. I am pleased.  Makes me forget that the Dog Days have set in (which really isn't that bad a situation)...


The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: When the Old School Implodes

Pardon me if I have made this analogy before, but doing the show is sometimes akin to walking a tightrope.  This is because I insist on being Old School and playing all the music from CDs.  No computers on this show...its all very hands on.   That said, sometimes it can come back to bite me when my brain thinks one way and my hands do another.  That is what happened Sunday and I just had to wrap the show up early.