The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Cooler Air has Gone to My Head (But you probably knew that)

So I am sitting here in the middle of the night, in the middle of the week, in the middle of a cool front moving over the area, reflecting on how lucky we are to live in this oceanfront fantasy land.   All week long I have been watching the weather...after that long heat streak, the storms have tried mightily to move in. But thanks to this funhouse we call Hampton Roads and its hold-on-a-minute air masses, the storms have somehow skipped us...

The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: Time to Reflect and Enjoy

Every now and then, I highly recommend taking some time off from all the stuff you do on a day to day basis to sit back and reflect on it all.  I must say I have enjoyed my little respite from my job and the show.  I've been able to go out and enjoy some things I rarely get to do anymore....a show at the Norva, an open mike at H2O (a place, by the way, I had never visited before)...also a time to

The Hunter At Sunrise Blog: The Phone Lines are Now Open

Yes, for the first time in a long time, I am giving away tickets to a great show in Hampton Roads.  Last Sunday we gave away a couple of pairs of tix to Brandi Carlile and the Lumineers at the Norva, June 30th.  I'm glad I have worked out the phone situation for the occasion.  I now have a phone line into the studio that I can utilize to come up with a much better than that email system I used to have.  I will have another couple of pairs to give away this Sunday.  Great to connect with people during the show, too.