It's Time to take a Short Break

I must say it has been an extremely busy 4 weeks.  

First the Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival kept me running all over the place... emceeing shows, doing interviews and judging contests.  Then the spring pledge drive kicked in at WHRV and I did a couple of Saturday fundraising shows with Paul Shugrue's Out of the Box.

Been running and running and now it feels like it's time to take a weekend off.  So this Sunday we will have an encore presentation of our April 1st show featuring Seth Stainback, who released his new disc, Earth and Worm, this past Sunday in Va. Beach.  We will return May 6th and welcome Nate Sacks to the program. He won the Sea Level Emerging Artist Contest in early April.  

As for last Sunday's seemed like a very personal one for me.  First of all, my birthday was Friday and I just had to thank everyone who sent birthday greetings on that day.  Some people I hadn't heard from in quite a while got in touch.   I played Paul Simon's "Have a Good Time" because I usually identify with it on my birthday.  Then, I had to play the new song from Loudon Wainwight III, "Older than My Old Man Now" because it just fits so well and because a friend of mine posted it on my Facebook page.  My father died at 51 and I am well past that now.  It is a very weird feeling and Loudon expresses that so well in the song.

Some other hightlights were in the form of two songs from the new George Harrison, "Early Takes, Vol 1".  What an incredible album.  Here are a series of demos and first takes on many songs that were later produced and released to the public.  But they reveal the raw power of Harrison's song writing.  I am so glad this is a "Vol. 1"...that means there is still more to come.

We also had a new song from Melody Gardot...her new album "The Abscence" will be out in May and the song "Amalia" is the harbinger of a great disc about to be released.

And then there is the new disc from Butterfly Boucher....I played her many years ago when the show was Sunrise on Sunday on another station.  Her long awaited new album is well worth waiting for.  I have posted a video of the song I played on Sunday, "Warning Bell", on the Hunter At Sunrise Facebook is so mesmerizing.  

Finally, we said goodbye to a legend last Sunday...playing a tribute to Levon Helm.  He was such a unique force in music...he will be sorely missed. 

Well, all for now...between now and the next time I'm on the air, I will try to keep up this stay tuned.


Sunday's show flowed

On some Sundays, it just seems I'm in some kinda zone.  I did not move from my chair for 3 1/2 hours on Sunday...just complete concentraton on the content. 
Last Sunday's show was, for the most part, a continuation of the previous Sunday....mainly because I did not have enough time to listen to a lot of new music last week. On Saturday I was on Out of the Box in the afternoon to help raise money for local public radio (thanks to all who called and contributed. I'll be back on the show this coming Saturday.)

I was able to sample some new albums on I-Tunes and that resulted in the playing of  Greg Holden- "I Don't Believe You", Kate McGarry- "Girl Talk" and M. Ward- "A Wasteland Companion". 

Greg Holden is a Scottish singer (I mistakenly said he was Irish, sorry Greg) who we have played before on the show. We played a song of his that he released to help raise funds for Sudanese children called "Lost Boy" that was getting a lot of notoriety in Europe. His new album is very well produced and the lyrics are very sharp. These songs are not like romantic Scottish ballads...they are very taught and deep...very cool disc. 

We've also played Kate McGarry on the show before.  She did a smoldering cover of the Cars' "Just What I needed" on what was a very cool cover album "If Less is more...Nothing is Everything". Up to now, she's been known for her pop covers, but this disc finds her exploring more mainstream jazz. "We Kiss in a Shadow" is only the beginning of my sampling of this album. 

And I got to play a track from the new M. Ward disc this past Sunday.  Though what I played was acoustic, the album is more far reaching than that.  There are a couple of other acoustic tracks I will probably play, but his disc is much more diverse with rock and blues. M.Ward has been 1/2 of the duo She and Him (the other half being Zooey Deschanel) Zooey does appear on a couple of tracks on this album. 

My thanks again to Kim Richey for coming on the show this past Sunday...she and her trio provided such a special moment to the proceedings.  I was a little surprised that she remembered being on the show about 5 years ago...I mean a lot can happen in 5 years :).  It was sure great to have her back. 

All for now...

The Easter Show

I don't know about you, but I had fun during our Easter Show...I had so much great new music and there were some cool songs that hadn't seen the light of day in a while.

First, the Bonnie Raitt cd, Slipstream, is downright awesome...she is just like fine wine..well, you know the cliche, but it is so true with her.  

We played something new from both Nanci Griffith (Intersection) and Dar Williams (In the Time of Gods)...both are great artists, but frankly I am more impressed with Dar Williams' new's just very strong all around. 

We also introduced three new ensembles on Sunday....I am intrigued by all of them...the Quintet, Lulu Mae from Nashville (The Mockingbird and the Dogwood),  out with their second album...the trio, The Lumineers from Denver releasing their debut cd..... and Trampled by Turtles (Stars and Satellites), out with their third album.  All are very strong acoustic works worthy of sampling.  

I hope you are digging the new Hiroshima album (Departure) ...I am finding I am partial to Japanese jazz.  

I'm still playing some really great discs...Great Lake Swimmers (New Wild Everywhere...I knew these guys were going to just get better and better) and Adam Cohen (Like a Man....just as cool as his father, Leonard). 

And lets not forget Seth Stainback (Earth and Worm)...what a talent we have among us here in Hampton Roads.  This guy is one of the hardest working singer/songwriters I know and his new album proves it.  It will be released at a party at the Jewish Mother Hilltop on April 22nd...I hope you will join me there for a great night of music.

All for now. 


There's No Telephone Where I Am

9/25/2011--I've worked at a lot of radio stations over the years, and every one has had some way of reaching the announcer, every one except this one. It is sort of strange to not have some "hot, hot" line for people to call in.  Instead I have developed Facebook as an interface between myself and you, the listener.  In a seems to work better.   We can exchange thoughts at our own pace.  Many times when people used to call me on the air, I was too busy to talk to them.  Unfortunately, in a lot of instances, I coudn't answer the phone at all.  

With Facebook,  I can talk with people when I have a stretch where I can pause.  I like also the ability to let everyone know what's going on with the show while I'm on the air. Just recently, for instance,  I have found it helpful in letting listeners know that I have tickets to give away. 

So when I am on the air on Sunday, it might be a good thing for you to monitor my postings.  You never know what I might be offering up. And don't be afraid to send me requests...if I can't get to them right away, I will eventually (if they fit the mix, of course).

Cyberly yours,