Independent Singer/Songwriters Susan Werner and Eric Schwartz return to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

Susan werner 2If all goes well, we'll have a visit this Sunday from two dynamic independent, alt-folk artists, Susan Werner and Eric Schwartz.  Both are in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harris Creek Acoustic House concert series in Hampton.  Originally from Iowa, Susan has 13 records to her credit including her latest, An American in Havana from last year. She's also an accomplished guitarist and pianist. Eric is not only a singer/songwriter but also a multi- Instrumentalist and satirist. He has composed eric 2for and performed in various satirista shows in his long career.  Hope you can join us for this very special acoustic session this Sunday as Susan Werner and Eric Schwartz return to Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Susan Werner, click HERE.  For more about Eric Schwartz, click HERE. 

It's Autumn so it must be time for another visit from Dustin Furlow on Hunter At Sunrise

dustin furlow copy
One of the busiest singer/songwriters and musicians in the area has to be Dustin Furlow of Norfolk, who is returning to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday. Dustin is always playing at some venue or in the middle of a project. He has three records to his credit, The Sound that You call Home, Solo and Wood & Steel. So it will be good to catch up this weekend to see what Dustin is working on now. For more about Dustin Furlow, click HERE. 

Hunter at Sunrise: Our Music is a Voyage

We here at Hunter At Sunrise believe that there is still great music out there...that the spirit of discovery still exists especially on Sunday mornings. We believe that the majority of music these days is mired in the sounds of the past or caught in the repetition of new pop music that is performer and personality driven. Hunter At Sunrise is about the flow of morning music and not the angst of every day current events. It is a haven from the humdrum of the work-a-day week, a soundtrack for relaxing on a Sunday morning.  We draw our playlist from the obscure past and the futuristic artists trying to stretch the boundaries of modern songwriting.  We believe in Hampton Roads and the local music scene.  We want to present live fresh music and have it last. Thanks so much for listening. 

Jason Cale is ready to pay his first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning

Jason Cale
Jason Cale owns his own studio, has his own band, plays with his own trio, is producing a new album, but he's never been on Hunter At Sunrise. That is going to change this Sunday and we welcome Jason to the show for the first time. Jason is a Singer/Songwriter and guitarist from Southern Mississippi who chose to settle in Hampton Roads after travelling the world.  His band, the Jason Cale Band, is about to release it's first full length cd and we're going to get a taste of it this Sunday.  Hope you can join us for a special acoustic session with Jason Cale on Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Jason Cale and his band, click HERE. very Afraid. Skye Zentz is our guest on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday morning

skye zentz purple
Yes, Halloween is fast approaching and one if its most ardent fans will be our guest this Sunday.  Norfolk's Skye Zentz returns to the program,  and of course, there is always something new with Skye. Born in Norfolk, Skye has grown up with music, and now, as her website says, she's a songwriter, educator and performer. Hope you can tune in this Sunday as we catch up with Skye Zentz on Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Skye Zentz, click HERE. 

This Sunday morning, Hunter At Sunrise Introduces Singer/Songwriter Chris Anderson to Hampton Roads

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson is a DC Singer/Songwriter who has just hit town. She started playing Northern Virginia clubs in the 80s with her guitar and harmonica and won a "Grammy in the Streets" award from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has an edgy side too. Her website says she is into democracy, environmental protection, ethics, healthcare, journalism and women’s issues.  We are heavy into discovery mode this Sunday morning as Chris Anderson pays her first visit to Hunter At Sunrise for a live acoustic session. For more about Chris Anderson, click HERE. 

It's Holly Kirsten Solo on Hunter At Sunrise this coming Sunday

Holly Kirsten
Holly Kirsten has been on our show before with many different musical ensembles, but this Sunday she'll be stepping into the spotlight on her own for a live acoustic session. Originally from Salt Lake City, many of Holly's original songs speak of  places she's seen and  people she's met.  She's  adept at both guitar and violin and has released music as both a solo artist and as a member (now former member) of the duo,  MountainTide. So we hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session with Holly Kirsten this Sunday morning. 

Luca Burgalassi returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

luca burgalassi
Luca Burgalassi, a native of Toscana, Italy, is our live acoustic guest this Sunday morning. This is Luca's second visit to the show, the first occurring right after the 2016 release of his album, Windward.   Now a resident of the Peninsula, He's a big lover of American music and has a new project he wants to talk about as well as a big show that is fast approaching.  Hope you will tune in for Luca Burgalassi on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.  For more about Luca Burgalassi, click HERE. 

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