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Alana Springsteen has her eyes on that world tour but first she's our guest on Hunter at Sunrise this Sunday

Alana Springstreen
Alana Springsteen is a very busy woman. All of 18 years old, Alana is putting out record after record this year. Originally from Virginia Beach, Alana's family moved her and her siblings to Nashville about four years ago so she could chase her dream. And so far it has been a grand success.  Last November Alana signed with Warehouse West Records, and has been working tirelessly on three different EPs, all slated for 2019.  This Sunday you will hear a young artist on the rise as Alana Springsteen pays her first visit to Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Alana Springsteen, click HERE. 

Va. Beach's Tammy Gardner is our guest this Sunday on Hunter at Sunrise

Tammy Gardner
Our guests of late seem to be following a theme.  Tammy Gardner of Va. Beach has not been on our show in seemingly forever. Tammy has been in the area since the late '70s and visited our show back before it came to whrv nine years ago. So it will be great to welcome her back. Lately you can see Tammy in various venues around the area often playing with Lewis McGehee. Hope you can join us as Tammy Gardner visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.

Who we are Not returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

Who We Are Not
Who We Are Not will be our guests this Sunday after a long hiatus. Who We Are Not is all about  the collaboration of husband and wife, Pamela Jo Sward and Joe Talley, who happened to meet on a street corner in Norfolk while Joe was busking. They have been together ever since and have produced a full length record Just Be, released back in 2015. It will be good to catch up with what they have been doing.  Hope you can join us this Sunday as Who We Are Not returns to Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Who We Are Not, click HERE. 

This Sunday we introduce you to the music of David Stoddard on Hunter At Sunrise

David Stoddard
We've had artists from all over the country on Hunter At Sunrise but this Sunday, we welcome for the first time someone from Minnesota.  David Stoddard is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,  composer and teacher from Minneapolis. David has won the Kerrville New Folk award, as well as songwriting awards at the South Florida Folk Festival, the Tucson Folk Festival, the Minnesota Folk Festival, and others. He has opened up for such artists as Juice Newton, Leon Russell, Rik Emmett, Jeremy Messersmith to name a few. David tours extensively and will be playing here in the area which is something I'm sure we'll be talking about.  So we hope you will join us as David Stoddard pays his first visit to Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about David Stoddard, click HERE. 

A message from Hunter At Sunrise

We are sorry to report, but due to the tragedy in Va. Beach we will not have a new addition of Hunter At Sunrise Sunday morning. Instead we will have an archived show. We again express our deepest condolences to those affected by this devastating event and ask everyone to stay Va. Beach strong. Thanks...

Narissa Bond is back on Hunter At Sunrise with a newly released album

narissa Bond 5
Narissa Bond has been busy writing and recording her new album, Rhythm of Love, yet another collection of supremely soulful songs. This is the 5th recording for Narissa, a resident of Norfolk and she will certainly be performing some songs from it this Sunday morning.  It's been about a year since she's been on the show and we need to catch up.  Hope you will join us for this very special acoustic session this Sunday morning as Narissa Bond returns to Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Narissa Bond, click HERE.