Kevin Gilbert and Thomas Mott Perform Live on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

kevingilbert picThomasmottpicMaking their first appearance on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning will be Kevin Gilbert and Thomas Mott. Thomas recently released his solo CD, “Solamente,” on the Toneside Records label. Kevin is a founding member of Toneside Records and “Solamente” is the label's first release. The label was created by a group of singer/songwriters and musicians to create a channel for their own work and that of other emerging artists. Hunter At Sunrise will continue its long tradition of supporting local music this Sunday when Thomas Mott and Kevin Gilbert pay a visit for this live acoustic session. For more about Thomas Mott and Kevin Gilbert, click HERE. 

The Bill Miles Band Visits Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday, the Day It Releases Its New CD

On Sunday afternoon at the Olde Town Tavern in Hampton, the Bill Miles Band will release it's new cd, Peace and Music.  Should be more than enough for us to talk about as the Peninsula based band pays it's first visit to Hunter At Sunrise Sunday morning. Joining the band at it's 4 pm cd release show with be The UnExpected and The Lovebirds.  Hope you will join us for this live acoustic session this Sunday with the Bill Miles Band.  For more about the Bill Miles Band, click HERE.   For more about their Sunday cd release party on Facebook, click HERE. 

Ryan Scarberry Pays a Return Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday


Ryan Scarberry makes his way back to Hunter At Sunrise for the third time this Sunday morning and he will not be alone.  This time he is bringing his band and performing songs from his new album, Working to Build. It's been a while since Ryan has visited and it will be good to catch up on all he's doing.  For more about Ryan Scarberry, click HERE.

Ready or Not: Karl Werne Returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Fasten your seatbelts...we are expecting a lively acoustic session this Sunday as Karl Werne returns to Hunter At Sunrise.  So much has been going on with Karl including the release of new material on a cd called Live at the Hampton Bay Days Festival (which I have been begging him to do ever since I met him...finally he listened to me). And we'll hear the story of how Karl was able to join with an incredible group of friends to present a magical afternoon of music at the annual autumn festival. He will be bringing some of those friends with him on Sunday.  So I hope you will join us this weekend as Karl Werne once again visits Hunter At Sunrise for a live acoustic session.  For more on Karl Werne and his new album, click HERE. 

Yorktown's Jared May Makes the Journey down to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

                                                                  Photo by Mike Morris
We've had all manner of artists on our show for acoustic sessions....national recording artists, regional artists and established local artists.  But I am always happy to introduce someone special who is not on anyone's radar. So will it be this Sunday morning when we welcome for the first time Jared May from Yorktown.  Originally from Indiana, Jared has been playing the open mikes on the Peninsula performing original music.  I hope you will join me this Sunday for an acoustic session with Jared May.  Remember, you heard him here first.  For more about Jared on Facebook, click HERE. 

Jared Swift Visits Hunter At Sunrise This Coming Sunday Morning


During last year's Sea Level Singer Songwriter Emerging Artist Contest, there were actually three finalists who performed for the final prize.  Two of them have been on our show, but the third was difficult to reach somehow....until now.  Jared Swift, the third finalist, will bring his unique writing and performing styles to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  Hope you can join us.  You can find out more about Jared on Facebook by clicking HERE. 

Skye Zentz Brings New Songs to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Skye Zentz five

Skye Zentz has a lot going on.  She just released a new EP on the internet and has several more in the works.  The singer-songwriter from Norfolk will be our guest this Sunday for a live acoustic session.  It will be a good time to catch up.  Hope you will join us when Skye Zentz returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  For more about Skye Zentz, click HERE. 

Peninsula singer/songwriter, Mike Glass, returns to Hunter At Sunrise


Newport News native, Mike Glass, will be our guest this coming Sunday morning for a live acoustic session.  Mike is a singer-songwriter, music teacher, and member of the Peninsula based band, The Delvers.  Mike has a house concert coming up and the Delvers are getting ready to release a new album coming out, so we have a lot to talk about.  I hope you will join us as Mike Glass returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.   For more about Mike Glass, click HERE. 

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