Jason Cale is ready to pay his first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning

Jason Cale
Jason Cale owns his own studio, has his own band, plays with his own trio, is producing a new album, but he's never been on Hunter At Sunrise. That is going to change this Sunday and we welcome Jason to the show for the first time. Jason is a Singer/Songwriter and guitarist from Southern Mississippi who chose to settle in Hampton Roads after travelling the world.  His band, the Jason Cale Band, is about to release it's first full length cd and we're going to get a taste of it this Sunday.  Hope you can join us for a special acoustic session with Jason Cale on Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Jason Cale and his band, click HERE. 

Afraid....be very Afraid. Skye Zentz is our guest on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday morning

skye zentz purple
Yes, Halloween is fast approaching and one if its most ardent fans will be our guest this Sunday.  Norfolk's Skye Zentz returns to the program,  and of course, there is always something new with Skye. Born in Norfolk, Skye has grown up with music, and now, as her website says, she's a songwriter, educator and performer. Hope you can tune in this Sunday as we catch up with Skye Zentz on Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Skye Zentz, click HERE. 

This Sunday morning, Hunter At Sunrise Introduces Singer/Songwriter Chris Anderson to Hampton Roads

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson is a DC Singer/Songwriter who has just hit town. She started playing Northern Virginia clubs in the 80s with her guitar and harmonica and won a "Grammy in the Streets" award from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has an edgy side too. Her website says she is into democracy, environmental protection, ethics, healthcare, journalism and women’s issues.  We are heavy into discovery mode this Sunday morning as Chris Anderson pays her first visit to Hunter At Sunrise for a live acoustic session. For more about Chris Anderson, click HERE. 

It's Holly Kirsten Solo on Hunter At Sunrise this coming Sunday

Holly Kirsten
Holly Kirsten has been on our show before with many different musical ensembles, but this Sunday she'll be stepping into the spotlight on her own for a live acoustic session. Originally from Salt Lake City, many of Holly's original songs speak of  places she's seen and  people she's met.  She's  adept at both guitar and violin and has released music as both a solo artist and as a member (now former member) of the duo,  MountainTide. So we hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session with Holly Kirsten this Sunday morning. 

Luca Burgalassi returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

luca burgalassi
Luca Burgalassi, a native of Toscana, Italy, is our live acoustic guest this Sunday morning. This is Luca's second visit to the show, the first occurring right after the 2016 release of his album, Windward.   Now a resident of the Peninsula, He's a big lover of American music and has a new project he wants to talk about as well as a big show that is fast approaching.  Hope you will tune in for Luca Burgalassi on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.  For more about Luca Burgalassi, click HERE. 

Jazz artist Jennifer Gammill Celebrates the Release of her new album with Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday

Jennifer Gammill
Jennifer Gammill will be bringing her unique jazz sound to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday. Jennifer has been playing in the area for the last 14 years and just recently released her new album, Heart, Soul & Fire.with the help of WHRV's Jae Sinnett.  She is not only a solo singer/songwriter but also a vocalist with the Doorway singers and a flautist with the ensemble Celtica. Hope you can join us for this very special live acoustic session, when Jennifer Gammill visits Hunter At Sunrise for the first time.  For more about Jennifer Gammill, click HERE. 

Multi-Instrumentalist Rob Oliver Plays Live On Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Rob Oliver
Weather permitting, Hunter At Sunrise is broadcasting live this Sunday morning with another guest who has never been on the show before.  Rob Oliver of Virginia Beach will visit us for a live acoustic session this Sunday.  Rob sings and plays hermonica, guitar, uke and bass. He's played with a who's who of artists here in the area in addition to teaching music.  Hope you can join us for this very special live interview with Rob Oliver this Sunday morning. 

Doc Robin Brings the Tidewater Blues Allstars to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday Morning

doc robin
Many people know Robin Van Tyne, alias: DocRobin,  from the DocRobin Band which has laid down many a blues groove at venues all around Hampton Roads.  But this Sunday, for the first time, DocRobin will introduce us to the Tidewater Blues Allstars.  Playing as a trio, the Allstars will make their debut on Hunter At Sunrise with a veteran line up....DocRobin on keys, Lathan "Pudgee" Hill on guitar, and Michael Williams on Bass.  So join us as Hunter At Sunrise serves up a bit of the blues this Sunday with the Tidewater Blues Allstars. 

Olivia Dyer is Back and In Full Voice on Hunter at Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Olivia Dyer 3
It's been a little over a year since Olivia Dyer has been on the show. She's been riding the wave of her full length album, Time And Age which came out in 2016. But she says she's been doing a lot of writing and she is ready to tackle a new project. We'll be talking to her about that as well as the In The Round show she is a part of on Aug. 19th at Victorian Station in Phoebus. So I hope you can tune in as Olivia Dyer returns to Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Olivia Dyer, click HERE. 

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