In Case You Missed it...We'll be Replaying our Show Featuring Jimmy LaFave This Sunday


Our apologies but we have to take one more Sunday off this weekend. Instead of a live show, we will be playing back our Aug. 11th program featuring Austin singer/songwriter Jimmy LaFave. It was a great show and if you missed it the first time, you can experience it this Sunday morning as it was meant to be experienced. 

Austin's Jimmy LaFave was in town for a house concert and we got to sit down to talk to Jimmy about his latest album and his love for Woody Guthrie. Here is what Wikipedia says about Jimmy LaFave:

LaFave crafted a musical style called Red Dirt music and became a disciple of the state's most famous folk musician: Woody Guthrie. LaFave is an Advisory Board member and regular performer at the annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. In 1996 he received the Kerrville Folk Festival songwriter of the year award and appeared on the TV show Austin City Limits. He has recorded 15 albums and his 2007 release, Cimarron Manifesto, reached the No. 1 mark on the Americana Music Association album chart. In 2012, LaFave released the studio album Depending On The Distance.

Hope you'll join us this Sunday for a reprise of our acoustic session with Jimmy LaFave.  For more about Jimmy LaFave, click HERE. 

Mercy Creek Makes its Way back to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday


Well, after much calendar juggling, Cheryl Nystrom and Jim Ball, the duo known as Mercy Creek, return to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning bringing with them their edgy brand of folk music. It's been awhile since they have visited so we have a lot to catch up on including the making of their 6th studio album recently released, Making a Memory. As you will hear in this interview, there's alot going on with Mercy Creek these days.  Hope you'll join us.  For More about Mercy Creek, click HERE. 

Indie artist, Shannon Whitworth, pays her First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday


Yes, fresh off the release of her third album, High Tide, Shannon Whitworth from Brevard, N.C. visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. Lets hope it's not her last. We talk about her new album, her touring band, and, of course, her choice of favorite Christmas songs. But seriously she plays some great songs from her disc live.  So I hope you'll join me for an acoustic session with Indie artist, Shannon Whitworth, this Sunday on Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Shannon Whitworth, click HERE. 

Bryan Forrest Returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday


It has indeed been a while since Bryan Forrest of Newport News has been on our show, so we have a lot to talk about.  He has been recording some music of late and has a new song to share with us.  Bryan has been a professional musician for over 27 years and launched his career in the critically acclaimed pop-rock trio The Lift in the 80's and 90's. He's been a solo artist for some time and released a solo disc not too long ago called Proverbial Shine. Hope you'll join us as Bryan Forrest returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. For more about Bryan Forrest, click HERE. 

Skye Zentz makes Hunter At Sunrise Part of Her Magical Diva Week This Sunday


Yes, un-beknownst to me, Skye Zentz has alot going on this week....recording sessions, TV appearances and now, a live acoustic session on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. You may recall that Skye produced an album, Bird Heart that garnered her a local VEER Music award last February and now she's been playing all over town, solo and with her band. It will be good to catch up with the life and times of Skye Zentz this Sunday...hope you'll join us.  For more about Skye Zentz, click HERE. 

Norfolk's Dan Pellegrino visits for a Live Acoustic Session This Sunday

danpelligrino thomasfusaro

                                                 Photo by Thomas Fusaro

The last time Dan Pellegrino was on our show, he was one of the three artists we interviewed at Victorian Station's Open Mic in Hampton.  Now he'll be returning to Hunter At Sunrise as the sole performer during our live acoustic session this Sunday morning.  In April, he was among the 10 artists performing at the TAO Emerging Artist Showcase at the Attucks Theatre. Even though he did not make it to the final round of three, he still made a very strong showing in a tough competition. So I hope you will join us for a live acoustic session with Dan Pelligrino this Sunday morning.  For more about Dan Pelligrino, click HERE.  

Donavon Frankenreiter Returns to Hunter At Sunrise Sunday Morning


Singer/Songwriter and surfer, Donavon Frankenreiter, makes a return visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday. The first time Donavon was on the show he was playing the Norva several years it's indeed good to  catch up with what he's been up to since. Based in Hawaii where he lives with his wife and two children, Donavon is still touring behind last year's release Start Livin'. His sunny, breezy style is the perfect way for us to start our summer. Hope you'll join us this Sunday morning as we return to live shows with an acoustic session featuring Donavon Frankenreiter.  For more about Donavon Frankenreiter, click HERE. 

The Hunts take Time from Their Busy Schedule to Visit Hunter At Sunrise for the First Time


After much schedule shuffling and emailing back and forth, The Hunts make their first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. The Hunts are an indie-folk band from southern Chesapeake.  They are  seven brothers and sisters who,  with their latest record We Were Young,  have put the world on notice that they are a musical force to be reckoned with.  The record has 10 original songs that attest to the band's Huntscollaborative writing, composing and musical skills.  It's also produced by 13 time Grammy nominee Mark Carman in a Nashville recording session that lasted 4 days.

Hope you will join us this Sunday as we talk to the Hunts about their new album, their music camps, and their recent trip to Haiti. For more about the Hunts, click HERE. To see where we did our acoustic session click the picture. 

Singer/Songwriter, Shane Cooley, returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday


Yes, you've seen him on the cover of VEER Magazine or maybe playing someplace in you'll hear Shane Cooley's return to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  After his first time on Sunrise when he was just 17, Shane has been on a tear, recording several EPs and albums.  His latest disc is When It Rains, It Pours,  released last November. Yes, Shane has been on our show several times over the years and it will be nice to catch up with what he is doing. Join us this Sunday morning for a live acoustic session with Shane Cooley.  For more about Shane Cooley, click HERE.