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Nicky Lee is our guest this Sunday morning on Hunter At Sunrise

Nicky Lee
The last time our guest this was on our show we were calling him Nick Wade...but things have changed of late. He is now Nicky Lee who as a Singer/Songwriter incorporates elements of Soul, Folk, Blues, and Reggae.  Lee is the former front man of Reggae/Soul band Nesta, the Richmond based group became a staple in the cities music scene from house shows, to larger venues such as, The National, The Broadberry, and their home base at The Camel. Now-a-days you can catch him performing throughout the region acoustically as either a solo or duo act. Hope you will join us as Nicky Lee visits Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. 

Hope you can join us as Liz & Brydge visit Hunter At Sunrise for the first time this Sunday

liz Bridge
Liz & Brydge are Elizabeth Joy Terrell and Christopher Brydge, an acoustic jazz duo who you can see at a number of venues across the area. Elizabeth Joy Terrell has been working  as a professional vocalist since 2009 and has played all over the 7 cities. She has performed in several music groups over the years including her band, Licita, pop/folk duo, Twenty South, and piano/voice duo, Liz and Roy. When she is not performing with Liz & Brydge you can find her as the front woman for jazz band, Modern Muse. Chris Brydge is a  freelance jazz bassist who has been performing in and around the greater Hampton Roads area since 1995. Brydge is a member of the Virginia Symphony Jazz Orchestra, Roy Muth Big Band, Woody Becker Group, and Eddie Williams Trio. You can also find him performing with his own ensembles, the Chris Brydge duo, trio, and quartet. So we hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session as Liz & Brydge visit Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning. 

It's springtime so that must mean it's Skye-time on Hunter At Sunrise

Skye 5
Yes, the seasons have changed and it's time to welcome back Skye Zentz to Hunter At Sunrise.  There is always something going on with Skye and it is always cool to catch up with her.  Skye is a teacher, educator and performer who has deep roots in Norfolk.  According to her website, she's "a
 versatile artist who spreads her music from concert halls to nursing homes and schools,  from public libraries to coffeehouses and living rooms. Skye's music explores themes of infatuation, commitment, freedom and time, inspired by her own experiences and complemented by the insight found in mythology and traditional folk tales". Hope you will join us as Skye Zentz once again pays a visit to Hunter At Sunrise.  For more about Skye Zentz, click HERE. 

Hiss Golden Messenger is our guest this Sunday morning on Hunter At Sunrise

MC Taylor
MC Taylor is the heart and soul of the project, Hiss Golden Messenger, and we had the good fortune  to sit down with him for an acoustic session recently when he visited ODU.  Taylor is a native of California who moved east early in his career to Durham, NC where he now resides.   He has helped produce 10 records under the Hiss Golden Messenger name including the most recent Hallelujah Anyhow (2017) and Virgo Fool (2018).  His lyrics are raw and soul searching. Hope you will join us for this very special acoustic session as Hiss Gold Messenger visits Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Hiss Golden Messenger, click HERE. 

Laura Rice of Williamsburg will be our next guest on Hunter at Sunrise this coming Sunday

Laura Rice 2
We have hit a stretch of artists who have never been on our show before.  This Sunday it will be Laura Rice out of Lanexa near Williamsburg. Signed to Heart Songs Records, Laura released her first EP in January of this year.  She has a big show coming up at the Vanguard in Hampton and she's entered into a country music competition in New Jersey next month.  Hope you can join us for our live acoustic session with Laura Rice this Sunday morning.  For more about Laura Rice, click HERE. 

Nan Macmillan pays her very first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning

nan macmillan
Nan Macmillan visits our show this Sunday and one thing you are sure to discover is that she has been around.  Nan grew up in Boston, went to high school in California, went to college at UVA and finished her music education in Valencia, Spain. She's recorded some in Nashvile, performed in Austin and now resides in Charlottesville.  Recently, Nan was the first winner of  the Lyrical Singer/Songwriter competition at O'Conner Brewery. Hope you will join us as Nan Macmillan pays her first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.  For more about Nan Macmillan, click HERE.