Ian Randall Thornton Is Smiling Because He is Part of Our In The Round on Aug. 19th and He's on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Ian Thornton 2
The last time Ian Randall Thornton was on the show, he had just released his full length album, Lineage.  Now he is back as he readies for an In the Round show coming up Aug. 19th at Victorian Station in Hampton. Joining him for the show will be Norfolk's Logan Vath, Chesapeake's Olivia Dyer and Portsmouth's Sherri Linn. Hope you can join us for this special acoustic session as Ian Randall Thornton returns to Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Ian Randall Thornton, click HERE. 

Sherri Linn of Portsmouth Returns to Hunter At Sunrise As She Readies for Our In-The-Round at Victorian Station in Hampton

Sherri linn two
It's been over a year since Sherri Linn has been on the show and a lot has transpired since then. The Portsmouth singer/songwriter has agreed to be part of our In-The-Round show at Victorian Station in Hampton on Aug. 19th and we couldn't be happier. In addition to playing venues solo, she's still fronting the bands Fixity and the Last Fair Deal. It will  be great to catch up with Sherri this Sunday...hope you can tune in. For more about Sherri's upcoming show at Victorian Station in August, just look below this article.  

Logan Vath Has a New Record and a Big Show coming up. He'll Be Our Guest On Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Logan Vath 4
Logan Vath is back in Norfolk and has just released a new EP, Lost On Leaving,  now available on iTunes and other streaming services.  We obviously have a lot of catching up to do including his participation in a show at Phoebus's Victorian Station on August 19th. It's sponsored in part by Hunter At Sunrise.  So we hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session as Logan Vath pays another visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.  For more on Logan Vath, click HERE. 

Hunter At Sunrise Teams with Big Pink Music to Present a Great Evening of Music In The Round

In the RoundHunter At Sunrise is partnering with Big Pink Music to bring you 4 excellent singer-songwriters from the area for an In The Round show at Victorian Station in Hampton. Logan Vath of Norfolk, Olivia Dyer of Chesapeake, Ian Randall Thornton of Norfolk and Sherri Linn of Portsmouth are our featured artists, who will trade stories and songs in an intimate setting. It's all happening August 19th at 4pm.  For more information, click the picture or HERE. 

Graham Stone Music Comes to Hunter At Sunrise for the First Time This Sunday Morning

Graham Stone 2
Graham Stone Music is the project of Graham Stoll,  who is based in Richmond.  He runs a very active touring band.  Last year the ensemble released it's debut album, Until The Day....a full length disc of original music. Stoll has been influenced by everything from bluegrass to punk rock and it's fully on display in his 10 song CD.  This will be Graham's first visit to Hunter At Sunrise and we hope you will tune in to discover what Graham Stone Music is all about.  For more about Graham Stone Music, click HERE. 

This Sunday, The Storyweavers Pay Their First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise for a Live Acoustic Session

The Storyweavers are an all female band who speicalize in Americana. They are in the process of releasing their debut record and we are happy to be a part of that.  According to their Facebook page, the band, headquartered here in Hampton Roads,  is made up of women who use their talents to create song and imagery. Hope you will tune in for this very special live acoustic session this Sunday morning as the Storyweavers pay their first visit to Hunter At Sunrise.  

Mike Aiken is Sporting a New Album and Returning to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Mike Aiken along with his wife, Amy, will once again visit Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  Mike has just released yet another new disc, Wayward Troubador, recorded and mastered in Mike and amyNashville.  Believe it or not, Mike was one of the first, if not THE first, local artists to be interviewed on Sunrise when we started doing interviews many years ago. Since then he has released album after album of great music.  Together with Amy, he's  done show after show of nautical themed Americana music all the while living on their boat at a Norfolk marina. Hope you can join us this Sunday for a special acoustic  session with Mike and Amy Aiken on Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Mike Aiken, click HERE. 

Mark Rogers and Crimson Fox Join Forces and Visit Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Mark rogers again
Hunter at Sunrise returns to live shows this Sunday with a collaboration of sorts among artists who have been on the show before but never together.  Mark Rogers returns to the show with Crimson Fox this Sunday morning. Mark is the quintessential storyteller and songwriter who has been on the show a couple of times before. He is working on a new record. He has joined forces of late with Crimson Fox (Micah Foxx on guitar and Matthew Crim on bass) to play a number of vinues including the Tin Pan in Richmond. Crimson Fox was last on the show when they won a singer/songwriter contest at Victorian Station last year.  This is going to be a special Father's Day live acoustic session this Sunday...hope you can join us.  

Felicia Hoyos Returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Felicia Hoyos copy
Felicia Hoyos is one of the hardest working artists in the area, frequently playing at a number of local venues.  Her music is diverse,  focusing on Indie, acoustic, pop, rock  and soul.  It's  been a while since she's visited so we have a lot to talk about to catch up.  Hope you can join us this Sunday as Felicia Hoyos returns to Hunter At Sunrise. 

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