Lewis McGehee Returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Weekend And He Won't Be Alone

lewis 2
We are back to live shows this Sunday and we are so happy to welcome back Lewis McGehee for a special Mother's Day Acoustic Session.  Lewis will not be alone. His Daughter Kayce and good friend Karl Werne will be joining him as we talk about the EP he put out late last year and what Mother's Day means to him and his musical family. (Lewis's wife, Marcia McGehee will also be in attendance) Hope you can join us for this very special acoustic session this Sunday morning. 

It's an Encore Presentation of Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Hunts and Hunter
We are taking just a little break from the show this Sunday.  In the meantime we hope you will enjoy this encore presentation from a show we aired earlier featuring the Hunts. This was the first appearance they made to promote their new album, Darlin',  Oh Darlin'.  We will be back next Sunday with a visit from Lewis McGehee and Friends. Thanks a lot for listening. 

We have Narissa Bond and Holly Kirsten on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Narissa BondThere is a lot going on with these two great singer/songwriters from our area and we are going to talk about it all this Sunday.  Narissa has a couple of projects she is working on,  all the while dealing with challenging health issues.  And Holly, currently solo after leaving the duo, MountainTide,  just released a new album and is Holly Kirsten twohelping to organize a fundraiser for a very good cause..Hope you will join us for this very special acoustic session this Sunday morning.  For more about Narissa Bond, click HERE For more about Holly Kirsten, click HERE. 

It's Going to Be A New Artist Sunday on Hunter At Sunrise This Weekend as Kate Stedelbauer Visits for the First Time

kate Stedelbauer
Hunter At Sunrise welcomes Kate Stedelbauer for a live acoustic session this Sunday morning. Kate is just 19 and already has a great website and a 4 song EP called Mississippi that she released last year. She's been loving and playing music since the age of 10 and is very serious about her music career. Hope you will join us for this very special Live Acoustic Session this Sunday on Hunter At Sunrise. For more about Kate Stedelbauer, click HERE. 

Hunter At Sunrise Welcomes A Very Special Guest This Sunday as Larry Burnett of Firefall Visits

One of the founding members of the rock band, Firefall, Larry Burnett will be visiting our show for an acoustic session this Sunday.  Back in the late 70s, Burnett and Rick Roberts came together to larry Burnettform the band in Colorado and what followed was a series of albums that included such hits as "Cinderella", "It Doesn't Matter",  "You are the Woman" and "Just FirefallRemember I Love You". Larry Burnett is now out on his own with a couple of solo albums including 2009's Guitars and Vocals.  Hope you will join us for this very special acoustic session as Larry Burnett of Firefall visits Hunter At Sunrise...for more about Larry Burnett, click HERE. 

Our Month of Discovery Wraps Up as Mike Corrado Visits Hunter At Sunrise for the First Time

Mike Corrado
Our month of first time visitors to Hunter At Sunrise draws to a close with Mike Corrado, an artist originally from Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Mike is not only a musician and singer/songwriter, he is also an active duty marine. He says he blends Country, Rock and Americana into what he calls American Music.  He has a long list of artists who have influenced him, many of whom he has shared the stage.   Many of them you may know, such as Toby Keith, John Mayer and Edie Brickell.  Hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session, when Mike Corrado visits us for the first time. For more about Mike Corrado, click HERE. 

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