Hunter At Sunrise Welcomes A Very Special Guest This Sunday as Larry Burnett of Firefall Visits

One of the founding members of the rock band, Firefall, Larry Burnett will be visiting our show for an acoustic session this Sunday.  Back in the late 70s, Burnett and Rick Roberts came together to larry Burnettform the band in Colorado and what followed was a series of albums that included such hits as "Cinderella", "It Doesn't Matter",  "You are the Woman" and "Just FirefallRemember I Love You". Larry Burnett is now out on his own with a couple of solo albums including 2009's Guitars and Vocals.  Hope you will join us for this very special acoustic session as Larry Burnett of Firefall visits Hunter At Sunrise...for more about Larry Burnett, click HERE. 

Our Month of Discovery Wraps Up as Mike Corrado Visits Hunter At Sunrise for the First Time

Mike Corrado
Our month of first time visitors to Hunter At Sunrise draws to a close with Mike Corrado, an artist originally from Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Mike is not only a musician and singer/songwriter, he is also an active duty marine. He says he blends Country, Rock and Americana into what he calls American Music.  He has a long list of artists who have influenced him, many of whom he has shared the stage.   Many of them you may know, such as Toby Keith, John Mayer and Edie Brickell.  Hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session, when Mike Corrado visits us for the first time. For more about Mike Corrado, click HERE. 

Our Month of Discovery Continues as Va. Beach's Rick Bozart Visits Hunter At Sunrise For the First Time

Rick BozartEach Sunday of March has been devoted to discovering new artists and this Sunday we continue our visits by artists who have never been on our show before with Rick Bozart of Va. Beach.  Rick, who is originally from Florida,  has played in the area for many years.  He's currently working on recording an EP in addition to his many gigs around the area.  Hope you can join us as Rick Bozart pays his first visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday.  

Hunter At Sunrise Springs Forward This Sunday When The EverAfter Duo Visits For the First Time

Yes, make sure you set your clocks forward an hour this Sunday so you don't miss the EverAfter Duo's first visit to Hunter At Sunrise. This March we truly have a theme going with a number of area artists who have not been on our show before.  This Sunday it's the EverAfter Duo comprised of Stacie and Steve Stephens. Based in Chesapeake, they usually front a rocking cover band, but on our show this Sunday, they will be playing acoustic originals. So we hope you will join us as the EverAfter Duo pays its first visit to HunterAtSunrise this weekend. 

Nick Wade Pays His First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Nick WadeNick Wade will be our live guest this Sunday morning. Currently residing in York County, Nick is the principal songwriter for the Richmond band, Nesta...a band that  blends reggae with elements of southern soul. Nick's own solo music incorporates Soul, Reggae, and Blues creating an easy listening sound for a Sunday morning. His diverse influences include Shannon Hoon, James Taylor and Lightnin' Hopkins. Hope you can join us for this special live acoustic session this Sunday morning as Nick Wade visits Hunter at Sunrise for the first time. 

The Hunts Are Back on Hunter At Sunrise Debuting Their Brand New Record This Sunday

The Hunts 2
The Hunts of Chesapeake are releasing their brand new album this week and they'll be performing songs from it on Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday. This will be the third visit to the show for the family band which we've seen grow up over the last few years. It'll be good to catch up because we're sure a lot has changed.   We are so pleased they have chosen to debut their second full length record, Darlin', Oh Darlin,  on our program.  Hope you can tune in this Sunday morning as the Hunts return to Hunter At Sunrise. For more about the Hunts, click HERE. 

This Sunday We Have Dustin Furlow and Matt Thomas Together on Hunter At Sunrise for the First Time

Dustin and Matt copy
Yes, they have each been on Hunter At Sunrise as solo artists many times, but this Sunday they will appear together for an acoustic session for the first time. We are so happy to welcome Singer/Songwriter Dustin Furlow,  who just released a new EP,  and guitarist extraordinaire, Matt Thomas, still riding high from the release of last year's disc, Man on the Moon. It's going to be a very special presentation this Sunday...hope you can join us. For more about Dustin Furlow, click HERE. For more about Matt Thomas, click HERE. 

Hampton's Hobo Mariners Pay Their First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Hobo Mariners
The Hobo Mariners are just what their name suggests, a couple who perform original music while making their home aboard a boat.  They've been playing at venues and open mikes in the area for the last year or so after arriving here from North Carolina.  Currently their boat is moared in Hampton. They have written a majority of their songs, which lean toward an acoustic rockabilly sound. Hope you can join us this Sunday as the Hobo Mariners pay their first visit to Hunter At Sunrise. 

The Master of the Open Mike, Vaughn Deel, Returns to Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday Morning

Vaughn Deel
This past week Vaughn Deel and Big Pink Music  celebrated 7 years of Open Mikes at Victorian Station in Phoebus. To celebrate this milestone, Vaughn will return to Hunter At Sunrise Sunday for a live acoustic session.  Vaughn, a longtime singer/songwriter here in the area, has been the guiding force in revealing some of the great live artists who now are often nominated in the VEER awards, which will be announced this month. Hope you will join us for this very special live acoustic session when Vaughn Deel visits Hunter At Sunrise.

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