Hunter At Sunrise Welcomes Back James Lee Stanley For Yet Another Lively Acoustic Session

James Lee Stanley 3
James Lee Stanley was back in town last weekend for a sold out show at Zieders American Dream Theatre and we got to sit down with him to catch up.  James Lee went to high school here but now lives near Los Angeles. He's a singer/songwriter who cranks out album after album of soulful acoustic music, the latest being 2014's Apocoloptimist.   We'll learn all about his new foray into musical theatre and his days as a Klingon in Star Trek as we welcome James Lee Stanley back to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday. For more about James Lee Stanley, click HERE. 

Hunter At Sunrise Has Not One, but Two Very Special Guests This Coming Sunday Morning

Darryl PurposeYes, Hunter At Sunrise has a very special acoustic presentation this Sunday as two accomplished singer/songwriters pay a visit to the show. Darryl Purpose of Denver and Ellis Paul, currently Ellis Paulresiding in Charlottesville, were in town recently at the Harris Creek Acoustic House Concert Series and we were lucky enough to sit down with them for an interview.  Ellis Paul (pictured on the right) has 15 recordings to his credit...his latest, Chasing Beauty, was released in 2015.  Darryl Purpose has his music catalog too including last year's Still the Birds.  This will be a return visit of both artists to the show, so we hope you will join us for this special acoustic session this Sunday morning. For more about Ellis Paul, click HERE. For more about Darryl Purpose, follow this LINK. 

Hunter At Sunrise is Back This Sunday Morning as Roy and The Moats Dogs Visit the Program

roy and the moats dogs
We were unexpectedly off the air last weekend but this Sunday morning, we are back with a vengence as Roy and the Moats Dogs pay a visit to Hunter At Sunrise. Yes, Roy Moats is returning and he will be performing with his son, Zach, and Zach's wife, Megan Sloggie-Moats. Both Zach and Megan are two key members of the Peninsula's Dharma Initiative.  As for Roy, he is getting ready to release his very first album ever at the age of 71 produced by his son Zach. So it will be a family affair this Sunday as Roy and the Moats Dogs visit Hunter At Sunrise. 

His Album is Finally Here And Roy Moats and His Son Zach are Debuting It on Hunter At Sunrise This Sunday

Roy Moats
It's been a work in progress for some time now, but finally Roy Moats is releasing his new album this week. The disc is called All Packed Up and is produced by Roy's son Zach.  Both of them will be on our show this Sunday morning debuting the new CD.  Hope you will tune in for this very special live acoustic session this Sunday where hopefully we will find out the meaning of this album cover. 

Hunter At Sunrise Programming Alert

hunters head picDue to an unforeseen set of circumstances, Hunter At Sunrise will not air this Sunday, 10/29/2017, on AltRadio. We hope to return to live shows next Sunday. Meanwhile we invite you to listen to one of the many shows we have under our On Demand tab on our website. We appreciate your patience and thanks for listening to Hunter At Sunrise. On Demand Archive. 

After a Little Delay Mimsey MacCormack Pays her First Visit to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday Morning

Mimsey MacCormack
Mimsey MacCormack has never been on our show before but that is about to change this Sunday.  On her website, she says she is a physical therapist by day and a singer/songwriter/guitarist by night specializing in Indie, Funk, Punk and Rock music. But this Sunday morning, she will be all acoustic and talking about a new endeavor that she is excited about. Hope you can join us for this live acousitc session with Mimsey MacCormack this Sunday.  For more about Mimsey, click HERE. 

Mimsey Mack of Norfolk Returns to Hunter at Sunrise this Sunday morning

Mimsey Mac
Hunter at Sunrise returns from vacation this Sunday with Mimsey Mack returning as our guest. It has been a while since she's been on the show so it will be good to catch up.  This time around, Mimsey will be bringing along her son to accompany her. On her website, she says she is a physical therapist by day and a singer/songwriter/guitarist by night specializing in Indie, Funk, Punk and Rock music. Hope you can join us for this live acousitc session with Mimsey Mack this Sunday morning.  

Norfolk's Dustin Furlow is Smiling. We'll Find Out Why this Sunday Morning on Hunter At Sunrise

Dustin Furlow
Dustin Furlow has been cooking up something new ever since the release of his debut album, The Sounds That You Call Home. The disc received rave reviews and won some VEER awards and now Dustin is getting ready to put out something new. Hope you can join us for this special live acoustic session when Dustin Furlow returns to Hunter At Sunrise this Sunday morning.  For more about Dustin Furlow, click HERE.  

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